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Dizzy The Adventurer - Unreleased Megadrive Game for PC

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Dizzy and Daisy were walking through the Enchanted Forest looking for Pogie the Fluffle.
They then stumble across a concealed entrance to Zaks' old Castle.
Dizzy and Daisy both looked inside, unaware that they were being spied upon.
In an attempt to catch Dizzy, The evil wizard Zaks cast a spell over an old spinning wheel.
Unfortunatley, it was Daisy who came upon the spinning wheel first.
Curious that it was turning, she accidently pricked herself and fell instantly into an endless, magical sleep.
Before he knew what happened, Dizzy was seized by Boris the Troll and shut in a dark prison!
Is there any way out for Dizzy?
Can he find and awaken Daisy?
The answers lie with you! 

This was going to be part of The Excellent Dizzy Collection for the Sega Megadrive but due to time constraints at the time was never completed or released.

Team Yolkfolk have done it again and painstakingly made it their passion project in bringing this title to the PC for the first time!

www.yolkfolk.com - The Dizzy Fansite









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