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Help needed: At start car is not switching into 1st gear!

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I have an annoying problem. I joined a league and had my 2nd race meanwhile. But in both races at start the gear ist not switching from N to 1st gear.

I thought it might have been a rare strange bug, but frustratingly I found out that the same happend in the 2nd trace!

What is this? I does not happen in unranked races. It does not happen if I try out Grand Prix races.

This is very annoying. Not even lose I time and positions, but also crashes other players into my back and destroy their front wings.

I hope anyone can help me here.

I am using a wheel (Logitech G920) and I am switching gears manually with it. As cloupling I just use the green A-Key.

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Probably, during the multiplayer start a different starting sequence is used than you are used to from single player. Try to find out which settings apply for the league race starts ("manual start", clutch settings etc.). Try to adjust your settings in single player mode to those of the multiplayer start shedule and practise a few starts. In any case, you should be able to switch into 1st gear while lights are still red, releasing the clutch after they turn green. Maybe the latter doesnt work too well with a button, i dont know since i am on PC / steam, but i am using the right hand lever (for upshifting) for the clutch during the start on my TS300.

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