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Tyre Wear & Physics Dscussion


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4 hours ago, PJTierney said:

I'm sure I read somewhere that how you drive the car does have a minor effect on the tyre wear. For example, if you light up the rears through every turn they'd be shot earlier than a normal drive.

Yep, I do believe this to be the case in real life. I don't have a source readily available to me, but I think it has to do with where you run your slip angle can affect the temperature that it runs at. So for a given tire that can run more grip between 6-10 degrees of slip, you can get the same grip at 6-7 degrees as you can at 9-10 degrees, but the latter will wear your tires out much faster. BUT, I need to check my sources when I get a chance 

Ok! Found the source:

so temperatures will increase as you go past peak grip, while still getting the most out of the tire. Not too terribly surprising, now it's just a matter of finding out the relationship between tire wear and temperature: https://youtu.be/_viuA8MPKpc




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Been a while since my last post! Been doing a lot of exciting things with analysis, picked up a book on racecar data analysis, so slowly learning new ways to measure performance and how to use them in DR2.0. Very cool stuff, and all of it applicable to any kind of racing. It's giving me a lot of ideas for posts, but trying to be mindful of the time available to me and actually using this in-game for testing purposes.

So earlier I had posted about the traction circle, and tracking visually differences in grip. Using som data gating, we can actually divide this circle up into parts so we can actually start tracking by numbers what these grip changes look like and putting it into a run chart like this: https://i.imgur.com/vG336R2.png

Sorry for the lack of labels, still trying to figure out which spreadsheet program I want to use. Anyways, the Y-Axis is G forces, the X-Axis are each stage in a given event, in this case Spain, all dry. So let's look at what's happening between SS3 and SS4, SS3 started at 21.2km and ended at 28.2km. Between those two values, the grip of the tires dropped, with an average of 0.1 Gs. I did not know what this drop was at first, but someone had posted a graph of Rally Techincal's tire degradation in every location, and I asked a couple people in the community, who all seem to confirm that degradation is not progressive. Rather, as soon as the tires hit a certain distance (RT says 25km in this case for soft tires in Spain) the grip immediately drops and levels off, presumbly until the next level of degradation. You'll notice that overall grip caps itself off, indicating the loss in tire grip. I believe the game signifies this by showing the tires as being 'worn' in the tire menu. The data here confirms this, and even better, we can measure just how much it dropped. This means that if we wanted to, we could look at what a 0.1 drop in G force looks like in terms of our performance, how much time we lose, and so on. This is something on my list of things to work on, how we can track our performance this way. I want to investigate too if mediums and hards experience the same amount of grip loss, and where the grip starts off compared to softs. But honestly, if you can maintain the same grip for that long, I find it even harder to recommend medium or hard tires in almost any event except the most extreme of situations. 

If there's anything you guys would want me to look at, let me know! There's a ton of stuff hidden in this data and would love to hear what you all would find useful. But don't ask me about dampers, that way leads to madness.

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