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I just lost everything...


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I was recently playing with my friends and then we had the glitch where the race doesn't start so we waited... waiting for 5 minutes we decided to relaunch our games so I closed the game by alt + f4 and then I proceeded to relaunch my game. Once I loaded up my game it asked me to make a racenet account and also make a character as if I just got the game but I already had an account which I had progressed into season 2 in my team and also I had a few wins on I frantically closed the game and then relaunched in hopes that my account would work, but to no avail. What are the next steps?

Platform: Steam
Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/92221/

I just got back into f1 after recently buying the 2020 game but it seems to have more bugs than the last

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