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Qualifying Practice Pace Program improvements


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Hi there,

A couple of suggestions regarding the Qualifying Practice Pace Program (QPP) that I think would be useful;

1) Let us use the MAX fuel mix mode in the QPP - as it stands fuel mixes up to RICH is available, yet (as far as I can tell) the target times are based on using the MAX fuel mix. Often this means I will marginally miss out on the target time required in QPP, but make it comfortably in the actual qualy sessions. This means I have to be “faster” in QPP than in actual qualy (with all factors being the same - engine, setup, new tyres and racing line etc), which to me makes no sense.

2) In the programme selection screen (I.e. before starting QPP as shown), display the estimated pole lap time and your target lap time (and associated qualy position).

All the best,



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