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More manual control


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In F1 2021 it would be great to have more control of your car, like:

- Practice starts (at the end of the pitlane or after qualifying on the grid)

- Drive in the pitlane (pitstops, weight bridge)

- Drive to the grid (before the race & formation lap)

- Drive after the race (victory lap, drive to park ferme)

If someone has other ideas make sure to recommend them in the comments!


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Agreed with the above, other ideas could be:

  • Diff entry, mid and exit adjustment ( for something like "expert mode" for the advanced players to have more control )

  • Allow us to set MGU-H mode and MGU-K mode aside from ERS mode ( I realize this is a massive change as the game currently doesn't have MGU-H and MGU-K I think )

  • Maps ( say you can assign a single button to perform several changes on the car) i.e:

    • Button 44:

      • Set Fuel Mix, Set ERS Mode, Set MGU-H Mode, Set MGU-K Mode

    • Button 50:

      • Set Diff entry, Set Diff mid, Set Diff exit, Set Brake Bias

  • Exit/entering garage

  • More setup options
  • Allow the steering wheel to be able to rotate more then 180 degrees ( for tracks like monaco )
  • Being able to get stuck in gravel
  • A proper clutch system rather then just releasing a button, aswell as Anti-Stall for when you sBinalla or something
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