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Thrustmaster SF 1000 flag Led issue

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45 minutes ago, DanielJoseph said:

Hey guys slightly different problem - but has anyone else had a button come loose or come off? my '10' button which is used most commonly for accepting or selecting things in f1 2020 came off. it seems the dial is perhaps shaved slightly more than the others so even when i put it back, its still slightly looser and not biting like it should. a touch turns the button cap into the release position way too easily..

Mmm. I would report this to Thrustmaster, that seems like a QA issue. Much as I've decided this will be my default wheel this game, I do find the build quality of the SF-1000 a little dubious given the price tag.

Controversial perhaps, but my honest assessment. 

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@Hoo Will Codemasters/Thrustmaster work together to get the full 6 yellow flag lights flashing like in the game and also so the flash green like in the game to tell when incident is clear? Also it would be good if the third LED on strip that says K2 above it should light up orange to say that overtake is active(K2 in real life)

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