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Can never connect: Error code: e4669c75-58-58


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Hi everyone.

So I live in China, and I have a bit of a weird connection issue. Since I bought this game three days ago I have never been able to connect, I always get error code e4669c75-58-58. I have tried with my VPN on and off and with all my ports open. I don't get why an offline game has no OFFLINE mode for single player and why when I can connect and post here why it can't do such a simple thing as connect to something.

I have no other connection problems in my "normal" playing or use of the internet, and I bought the game legitimately IN CHINA so there definitely should be no problems on the great Chinese firewall.... see the below pic, that happens EVERY TIME I play....... it's driving me nuts and I can't find a solution anywhere. I contacted support by email and they just gave me an absolutely useless "You can check if the server is down with this link" Help!
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