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Please can we have an option for drivers not to retire. I've had weirder retirements in my careers than driver moves! Plus I finally started getting top drivers into My Team only for every one to retire after just 1 season with me! Danny Ric retired season 4 with me, Lewis retired season 5 and then Norris season 6? He's so young! Why? My Team career mode I managed to make a literal career killer team?!? 🤣 I love transfers but not retirements, or have an option where you can "protect" your favourite drivers, say you can select 5 or 10 drivers that will never leave in your 10 year career mode? Something like this. Or a driver in your team wants to retire then you can offer them a crazy sum to get them to stay? The latter is more realistic too, giving that added managerial option, if in doubt throw some more money at them.. At the moment we just get a notification and thats it, suck it up and accept it sort of thing.


Also the drivers need fine tuning again, on PS4 Lewis is crazy under-performing, Bottas, Gasly and Kvyat are annoyingly OP. If they go to top teams they dominate to the point they make Lewis and Max look rubbish, yes Max Verstappen too, in my career Max has been whooped by Perez and Leclerc in the same car constantly. Now Lewis is with Perez and is out qualified and out raced always! Perez finishes 2nd or 3rd and Lewis is in 6th or 8th in the 2nd fastest car! 2nd in all areas, power, aero and chassis. I'm puzzled to why? Quali Lewis is averaging 6 tenths off Perez in the same car. I'd rather see all drivers very close than see this extreme of disparity. Please can we have another driver performance update to neutralise it a bit 🙏 

 Also maybe a bit more juice for F2 guys, most of them suck so bad its not even worth having them, if they join a team other than mine they just dither around in last place even if they have a top car. They need a bit more assistance. Please and thanks 😊 

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