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hello there,

2 weeks ago i installed f1 2019 from xbox game pass, i booted up the game and went to a crash dump.

i uninstalled the game and tried again still did not work i ran the game as admin still did not work. i looked up possible fixes but they only seem to work on steam and not xbox live and it seems like i am not the only one with the issue as most reviews on xbox live say they had the same issue

i even contacted codemasters surport about a week or 2 ago still no reply can someone please help me in some way since you are basically selling someone a broken product. 

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i boot up f1 2019 and goes straight to a crash dump of a file that i could not find on the pc

i am running the latest version of f1 2019

ni game mode i cant even start the game let alone choose a game mode 

i see this problem every time i boot up the game doesn't even make a fram just goes straight to a crash dump 

i can recreate the issue by stating f1 2019

the crash happens every time i open the game goes straight to crash dump

i am using a controller but dumps with keyboard anyway

here are the screen shots 


and the Dxdiag 





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