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Idea for a 3rd corner cutting system


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I feel like we need a 3rd corner cutting system, because regular is too forgiving, often you can cut or exdeed corners by ridiculous amounts, which makes it unavailable to use for any sort of somewhat competitive racing. With strict however, its a system that many people simply dislike and don't enjoy, because the tracks nowadays are build in a way where the intuitive racing line doesn't get definied by the white lines on track edges anymore, the intuitive line often goes off the track, which is a flaud by the track designers, but nothing the game can fix.

Therefore I would like to introduce my idea for the rules for a 3rd corner cutting system. Basically, the strict corner cutting system works in a way, that the white lines are viewed as the general rule. My approach for the 3rd system would be, to look at corner to corner individually, and allow some exdeeding of the corner (important: ONLY exdeeding, still disallow cutting the same way as it is in strict).

Basically, often at times, the track has a curb, then often an usually green Astroturf, and then often a natural limit like Gras or Gravel. An example for that are the Lesmo corners in Monza (the relatively slow two right handers after the second chicane). If you go completly onto the curbs there, on strict you would get your lap time invalid because you are 4 wheels off. However, it would be much more satisfying and enjoyable for a videogame to be able to drive right to the Gravel, on the edge, which is something we can see in real life often. In the game however, the only option to allow this would be to use regular, which as I explained already can't really be used. What I would recommend however is, for the 3rd corner cutting system, to simply turn off track limits in corners like the 2 Lesmos, in corners that already have a natural, more intuitive limit than the white line. That would include Gras, Gravel, and even sometimes walls.

Here is a link to an Imgur Album with every corner in this game which falls under this category. In every single of these corners, in the 3rd corner cutting system track limits FOR EXCEEDING could be turned off, and Racing would become far more satisfying. If you go wider than the intuitive limit, you would be punished by the Gras, Gravel or by a Wall; https://imgur.com/a/OcxixHj


Furthermore, in other corners, the limits would be set to were the curb ends. This is a system we have seen in real life at multiple tracks already. The rule here would be that at least one of the 4 tyres has to still be on the curb, also I am only talking about EXCEEDING, not about cutting, as I said, cutting imo should be the same as in strict because there simply is no excuse to cut, the track design doesn't asks for it. Unfortunately it seems like not all of my images from the game are uploaded to Imgur here, but here are still over 100 corners, so it should still be enough to get an idea; https://imgur.com/a/W5s9Z6B


Basically, I feel like this track limit system would be the most satisfying and also most realistic system compared to strict and regular. If people or leagues however would still prefer strict or regular, obviously they could still choose those settings in the lobby options. I would suggest that for F1 Esports or in TT, the track limits should still be remaining to be set to strict.

Also, I am really good at keeping it within the white lines. I am driving in a fairly competitive league, we have some top runners who are quite close to actual Esports pace, we are doing 100%. After 9 rounds of the championship, I am yet to get a single corner cutting penalty. And I even won races thanks to my ability to avoid corner cutting penalties. So its not like some guy is typing here who gets frustrated because he gets too many corner cutting penalties. Its the opposite. I truely believe that the system I suggested would be more realistic and also way more fun. People who prefer strict or regular would still be able to pick strict or regular for their lobbies.

Thanks for reading, hopefully a system like this can become part of the game one day.


Edit: I forgot to mention, some people might say something along the lines of "at some of the corners you have shown in your Imgur album it doesn't make sense to exdeed anyways" - which might be right, but its beside the point. The point is, exceeding there can be ignored, the point isn't it always makes sense to exceed in every single of those examples.

Some people might also say "its the same for everyone bla bla" in which case yes, but this new system would nothing anyone would be forced to choose, if they want to you can pick any other system.

Furthermore, a point I forgot to make, this system is a system that would allow and reward people to drive the track by following the track design. If the track is designed in a way that asks you to intuitively go off the track, its bad design and people shouldn't be punished for it imo, like they do in strict system. If you think differently, you could still pick strict, even when my suggested system would become part of the game, so no worries.

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I agree! It’s really difficult for me to go fast and stay within the track limits while driving on controller (due to the lack of accuracy on the controller). I would love if Codies just counted the kerbs as being within track limits. This would make driving tracks like Spa and Australia easier for me

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