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Add customizability of penalties


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first of all, I think it only makes sense that the game can't judge every situation perfectly, which is why I feel like the game should allow you to customize your own penalty system. Right now we only have "All Rules and Flags", "Corner Cutting only" or no penalties all together. I would suggest adding a "Customized" option. Basically I invision myself a menu in the lobby/race settings in which ALL possible penalties + causes are listed and you would be to uncheck and check every penalty individually. This would especially be important for league racing. Often drivers would get unjustified 5 second time penalties and then can't even let them be removed after the race, as they would have to still pit in the very same race, which changes the racing situation and therefore wouldn't allow for a removal. I will have an example linked at the end of this post. And unlike in Single Player, you can't flashback in league races obviously.

So, in the menu you would see:

3 second penalty - corner cutting

5 second penalty - hitting someone under SC

5 second penalty - overtaking under SC

5 second penalty - overtaking under yellows

and all of the other penalties that exist in the game. And then you would be able to turn them on and off individually. This would pretend stuff like this from happening. In the following the clip, the leader lagged behind 2 times, so that the driver was unable to let him past again (and why should he let him past anyways if he lags back behind other drivers, it simply would punish the driver because someone else is having a lag). This caused the driver to get a 5 second penalty, even tho he basically tried everything to let the other guy through again. Since he had to stop again, he couldn't appeal his penalty either;


The system I suggest would at least allow leagues to turn off these kind of penalties, avoiding situations like this. Furthermore, in case you for some reason dislike this idea, it would be good if drivers had the option to choose if they serve a 5 second penalty or not. You could add that to the pit stop MFD options. That way, at least drivers could decide to not serve a 5 second penalty, so that they would be able to appeal it after the race.

Thanks for reading.


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Great idea! Often have I gotten penalties that would have been removable had I not served it... Maybe in addition to this you could let the host decide if other people can see your penalties in the top left corner, because there might be more penalties (with 5s pens not being served mid race) and not seeing that the person ahead has penalties can make people push harder to try and catch up instead of saying something like "He has a penalty anyways" as this penalty is more likely to be removable.

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@McLobe thats a great idea as well! I think generally speaking the game would profit it the users have as many options as possible to set up lobbies. In the end of the day, that would make things more enjoyable, because no one would be annoyed like "ouh, why is this and that in the game", because if they don't like it, they could turn it off.

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