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LSI has a new season opening next week in their EU and NA/SA leagues and we would love for you to join us! It's going to be better than ever! More information will be available very soon, so be sure to join our Discord servers to get the news!

We have our Tier Qualifying races taking place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where drivers will be tested and put in a division! Drivers will still be able to sign up after the Tier Qualifying races, however, this is the best time to join!


(LSI is looking to expand our league with more drivers so we can reach our next big goals for the future!)

- The LSI F1 World Championship is at 21:00 CEST every Friday (Live Streamed)! - F1 cars, basic assists allowed.

- The LSI F1.5 EU Tier 1 Championship is at 21:30 CEST every Saturday (Live Streamed)! - F1 cars, all assists allowed.

- The LSI F1.5 EU Tier 2 Championship is at 20:00 CEST every Saturday! - F1 cars, all assists allowed.

- The LSI F1.5 NA/SA Championship is at 20:00 EDT/17:00 PDT every Saturday! - F1 cars, all assists allowed.

- The LSI F2 Championship will be held soon, however, we need a few more drivers if we want to re-launch this Championship.

- More leagues are being developed to house even more drivers, as we hope to extend to create a Classic Car Championship and much much more!

We can't wait to see you there! It's going to be awesome! Head to our website to get signed up and find out more! Good Luck!


Link To Our Website: https://lsi.formula1.rs/join/

Our Discord Servers:

LSI HQ Server - https://discord.gg/6U2HmjJ

LSI F1 Server - https://discord.gg/cnzb36c

LSI F1.5 Server - https://discord.gg/pVyBYHp

LSI F2 Server - https://discord.gg/j9VsqWn

Our Twitch Streams:


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