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How to record a race (or snaphots of 1-2 minutes)?

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I tried to find this via google but all I get are articles and video about where someone reached a record (lap) or what ever.

How a race can be recorded as a video?

Maybe a race is just too long to store.

It would also be cool if you lets say always the last 2 minutes are continuesly saved, and when there an incident (crash, slide, push, damage, fight, ...) had happened, you can press a certain key on the keyboard, and the last 2 minutes are just snaphost into a file. And again continuesly the race is recorded, until maybe you feel the need to store another snapshot.

Does someone knows, what possibilities exists, to do so?

Are there possibilities in the F1 2020 game itself? Are there possibilities via Steam?

Are there third party applications for Windows (10)?

If, how you record scenes in a race, in order to discuss it after the race with the drivers?



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On a Playstation you just press the Share button 🙂.

There is no option specifically on the game so you'll need some form of screen capture application. If you Google you'll find lots of options.

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You have the game bar in Windows 10, you just have to activate it first.


I have an AMD graphics card and there is a recording option in the Radeon software, this is what I personally use to both record and stream. I don't know if nVidia has a similar function in their software if that's the kind of card you have.


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