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Forcefully signed out of the game every few minutes

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been experiencing a problem in F1 2020 (which I assume is not a bug) where my Xbox will say “Bye! Sign in using a controller”. This causes the game to kick me back to the main menu and makes me lose progress in my current session. It only happens in F1 2020, all my other games are fine (NFS Heat, F1 2018, GTA V, The Crew, Project Cars 2 etc.)

I’ve done some research beforehand, and it seems to be caused by having a “strict” NAT type. My network has been like this for the past 2 years and this has only started happening recently (around late March). I’ve tried to get an open NAT, but I’ve never been successful.This leaves me with only 1 solution: play offline.

Does anyone know the solution?

Game: F1 2020 (version 1.18)

Console: Xbox One S

Game Mode: Time Trial, Grand Prix, Career Mode, Multiplayer (basically every mode)

Connection Type: wireless (through a wifi extender)



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