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Account Issues with it supposedly being deleted

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I made my account quite recently, and I checked my emails and it says that Codemasters has 'automatically deleted' my account after 'not receiving an activation request', but I am still here and typing and using this account right now. I never got a request for an activation code or anything like that either. I have no idea whether this affects anything, or what I should do to fix this. It's probably something I've done wrong and I'm making a fool of myself, but I thought i would just ask anyway.

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this happened to me too, i believe they mean the codemasters account attached to your account, rather that your forum one, you should check in your settings if it is, and you'll probably need to make a new one. 

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Posted (edited)

I had a codemasters account few years ago and something happened in 2018 where it wouldn't let me sign in ,

When they checked they said they couldn't find any issues and it was the same account, 

, it was probably a  glitch that reset my codemasters account changed the date id joined and other stuff,  


So I would say if you're still using your codemasters account and everything's working,  then just carry on  as normal like nothing has happened. 


Computers and servers and forums have glitches and Internet bugs, 

If it ain't broken then leave it alone. 


Kind regards  

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