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[IDEA] How to setup my car for each track ?

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Hello everyone, 

First of all, i would like to say that my English is a bit limited so i hope that you will get my point and make the idea grow somehow 🙂 

Yesterday, I was doing times trials to review my setups and make the car more drivable for my style of driving and that as bring ideas to me. This is quite difficult to understand every little setting you can tweak who could improve or impact your driving today without having a lot of knowledge.


I'll try to make it easy but my ideas are :


- Having like a 3 steps kind of setups from rookies to pros. Getting a speed/control behaviour in 4 steps is great but doesn't say much about how the car will reflect on each track. The main idea is to go above that by tweaking them on our own but getting an overview of what we need to tweak over time to improve ourselfs like assists does perfectly when you start to deactivate them one by one.

- Seeing the impact of setups during trials and get like engineer advice based on the actual result of what we have tweaked. This one a bit tricky I guess but this wouldn't be cooooool to have a deeper/custom relation with our engineers? 🙂 

- 3D models of tweaks, what they do exactly instead of a description of what it does. 


Basically, that's it but please feel free to add your suggestions on that topic, I would love to see what people have in mind!

Until then, see you on the tracks! 


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