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Choose a team name and engine supplier for Multiplayer Car

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I have thought of a suggestion that could be added into the F1 2021 game because it's not an extremely big feature, yet very useful for the multiplayer car.

So you might know that you can choose an engine supplier and a team name for your team in My Team mode, so why not for multiplayer?

Team Name

Although I think this could be a bit risky depending on what name of the car you are putting (even with already having censored words), looking at the cars without names seems off. I would like a way to have the car have a name just like My Team. This can be optional, and now thinking about it, it's not a big deal, but a cool feature. This would work in the car customization screen (something similar as the 2nd option in Engine Supplier).

Engine Supplier

Considering I haven't seen lots of people playing with the multiplayer car, it would be great if you choose your favorite engine supplier because of its sound or you just like the supplier.

My idea could be applied in two options:

  1. In the multiplayer lobby already, at the select vehile, below the car option there should be 4 more options apart below it saying the four engine suppliers you want to use (Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari, Honda).
  2. In the car customization screen, there'd be a new part (you know; "Livery", "Sponsors", then "engine suppliers"), just like when making a team in My Team mode. 

It would make the multiplayer cars feel more different in my opinion, and I think it would be really nice to be added.

EXTRA: Team Color

In multiplayer, the color of the team is set by default on the first or main color that the livery is focused on, but instead, why can't we choose the team color? If you don't know what I mean, this is what I'm talking about:


Sometimes my team's main livery is black covered with purple, and the team color is displayed as black when I want it to be as purple. I would like a feature where we can change this. This would work in the car customization screen (something similar as the 2nd option in Engine Supplier).

And that's it, I really apologize for my broken english as it's not my main language.


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