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I was just launching the game today when steam asked me whether I want to load the savegame from the cloud or the local one. I choose the local one as it was newer and since I last played I didn't touch the game on a different PC. After launching the game the resolution was changed and it asked me if I want to overwrite this savegame, clicking cancel brought me back to the "click any button to continue" screen, and continueing there brought the question up again. Then the game asked me to agree to the EULA again and then create a new character.


Now all my savegames from careers or My Team are deleted and I checked my Steam userdata folder, where the savegame seems to be deleted as well.

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I don't use Steam cloud for exactly this reason. Backing out of the game at the gamma setting screen and relaunching seems to work. You go past that point and Steam cloud obliterates your data without an option for recovery. You can use Windows File History on your Steam userdata folder then recreate anything stored locally. The cloud sync just takes file datestamps as the overrider.


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