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Hello everyone, I have a problem with F1 2020 on Xbox One.

Every time I want to play online, I start a race and in the middle of the race, it disconnects and it says I have to login into Xbox live (added image). "You have to logging into Xbox live. Be sure that you have logged in Xbox live with your profile and that your internet connection works properly" is the message translated.029b4d37ca43ca1947b39700a598f1f5.jpg

This problem also happened to me in F1 2019!!. The point is, this message only appears to me in F1 games, I can play every other online games I have with no problem, including full online games. That is why I have written this message here, at Codemasters.

My connection is good, I've got +100mb by cable. It is so annoying I can't even complete one single race. In the mornings it is impossible, in the afternoon/evenings I may can complete one race but the next it appears the message. I have changed all online settings to have a proper connection, like static IP, DSN, ports, etc. I don't know what to do more, please help if anyone knows what can happen. 

Thank you all!

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