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Questions about Grid Autosport

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I'm really in need of a good racing game, and I've seen many people recommend getting Grid. Before I do, I was just wondering a few things.

  1.  Is it more like a Gran Turismo type racing game than a Midnight Club type?  Appvn

  2. Is there a career mode where you can progress by getting newer cars and completing races and keep on climbing the ladder or going forward?

  3.   SHAREit Is there a lot of cars available? Like, can I be kept occupied by just trying a bunch of new cars if I'm bored?

  4. Can it be played if I have, like, 5 minutes to spare and I'm bored? I know it drains battery, but are there quick races that I can play for a few minutes?

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Answers for you :classic_biggrin:
1: Gran Turismo as it is not as free roaming as midnight club. GA is track based not open world.
2: There is a career mode. It is more contract based from what I remember.
3: Yes there are. Open wheels, touring cars, everything you need! Check the full list here
4: Yes, even the starter races are around 2 laps. Just enough time to do them!

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