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The only way to score League Points and make your way through to the Elite Leagues is with Duels.  Why is that?  With the technical issues in game, the reckless drivers that willingly attempt to run you off the road, the auto-ghosting that does not work correctly sometimes during duels, the curiously long penalties on some tracks but not on others, and several other issues that make duels sooooo frustrating sometimes, why can't we score League Points through a challenge or two?

It would be nice to have single race challenges that reward League Points like place first in a 15 lap race on Hard Difficulty.  Make it a little more time consuming.  Award 25 points so it is not really worth your time to ONLY level up using challenges, but if you want to practice on a certain track you can actually earn a little something for your time.

How about a challenge that awards 5 league points when you set a new personal track record?

Anything that will provide a way to improve your level in game without having to always duel... please.

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so right, but i have noticed when you start the game the 1st page you see is usually some 25% off offer for a pack that costs £45, and also even between duels the same offers appears for some pack that boasts lots of part upgrades for over £40 so to be honest i don't see the game letting you earn league points so easily, but if you want too the games only option is to spend money on the packs, personally i refuse to waste any money on these expensive upgrade packs, is a few part upgrades really worth over £40? i doubt it but as i have never bought one i maybe wrong, maybe,    

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