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I'm a little worried...F1 2021

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While I'm very excited to see a hopefully revamped multiplayer, my main concern is my favorite Livery! 🤪😱🤪😅🤣😂

I'm a big Phish fan and stumbled upon the perfect Livery for My Team and  multyplayer. I'm really hoping this same Livery is in the new game!!!!??

I'm new to the F1 games. Played some 2019 last year before moving on to 2020. Do liveries ever carry over from year to year? 

Happy racing!



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I love new skins to F1. It makes the game feel fresh but it is not an real deal imo.

It isn't something people really really want when it shows up in the item shop for pitcoins.

How are others opinions about this?

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Think of the new game as a new season. Teams change liveries every season (some more than others). I have a livery in F1 2020 right now that I really love, but if they don't port that livery over to 2021 my plan is to just use the same colour scheme with a new livery 🙂

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