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Why is there no emergency exit in Monaco?

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Good question. Maybe because it´s not that import spent time in giving this place a hitbox etc. I don´t know actually.

I hope and I think they will update the tracks in the next games anyway. 

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It's a lot of work for a thing that's only used in a single track. The light system would need to be programmed in and a new type of collision detection would have to be used in order to check if there is a car on the escape road and where the other cars are on the circuit. Then you also need to program new checks for penalties if that red light isn't respected and also figure out what the game should do when two cars are on the escape road at the same time.

...and other things I can't come up with at the moment 😅 

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12 hours ago, Shark2Racing said:

Emergency exists are not the issue - tracks are often not updated / look to this years curbs -  hope there will be more attention to track layout in future versions of the game ….


In this case, it's not the outdated track.
Monaco always had the emergency exit.
Codemasters just see no reason for that, that'sall.

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