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F1 2021 | Online Services Down For Maintenance | 26/07/2021 ×
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No OnRush Multiplayer or Custom matches on Xbox since December 2020 security patch


HI there, I suspect Codies is no longer actively supporting OnRush or else this would have been addressed already... but can't hurt to document it, if only for others to avoid purchasing the game on Xbox for now.

As the title suggests... it seems any attempt to join a team, or even play against another in a multiplayer or custom match on Xbox causes one of the party to be kicked from the same session. ie. only one player can be in a session at any time.

Bit of a shame really, as the game was suggested for a Digital Foundry Discord community multiplayer session in the near future & would have an opportunity to introduce it to new players there, but this issue will unfortunately rule it out.

No issues presently with PS4 or PS5 version of the game, except that the game frequently crashes in multiplayer on the Arrakku map since its December 2020 security patch.

Would be great if there was a chance for cross-platform multiplayer between the console versions of the game, since the PS4 still has pretty regular & healthy community that could potentially revive it on Xbox... though thanks to Epic vs. Apple we're more  aware of what level of extortion Sony requires to permit this!

Appreciate your consideration, nonetheless. Thanks!

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