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The mouse has been with us for a while now. Don't be afraid of it, there are no 'early adopter' worries, everyone is happy using them.

Some people have a mouse with only one button on it but you don't need to worry about them, they are morally opposed to driving anything.

Things work so much better when they are intuitive. Having to force your interaction into a dumbed-down yet curiously more complicated interface seems antithetical.

By the time I get the car on track, I've been confused and frustrated by the process it took to get there. That's not good.


What's with the names? One driver and one commentator not enough to include the name Alex? Not even Al?



In-game, it would be lovely to see more story and more RPG.

The media interviews are of marginal interest and impact.

Also there is no training to get into the game. Where are the explanatory cutscenes? Where is the 'welcome to F1'?  It all feels a bit flat.

The current token spend on development seems unrealistic; Do Williams really have to choose which of their departments will be researching this week?

Development is all about time; make it about which path you choose. How about character interactions with suggestions?


Also team interactions; why aren't there any? There's as much esprit de corps in the motorhome as in Myst.

How about a setup interaction. It could be voice only, get back to the pit and your engineer looks at the times by sector and asks what changes you want to make.

How about being the first driving game to offer coaching?

Surely it's not that difficult to compare AI laps to driver laps then code a suggestion list?


How about driver interactions? The game feels awfully empty.


Don't feel bad about this, but this is a game, not a simulator. How about some playful bits around the edges?

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