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[PC] [ES/ENG/EU] FMSL Classics Championship.

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Hi everyone.

We organise leagues on F1 2020, both in the PC and PS4 platforms, as well as special events on Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2.

We are a fast-growing community, with active server moderation, and we’re interested in adding new members to our leagues, events, and community. Our championships have a very extensive set of rules organized on a document available on our web page, along with a team of stewards of both platforms that ensure and encourage that the rules are respected and followed in order to make the competition cleaner, as well as more enjoyable. We also broadcast all of our races live on our Twitch channel, and we take part in other leagues, such as SF2 by MundoGT as an E-Sports team. Also, language is not a problem with us, although our main language is Spanish, we also speak English.

Our Classics Championship in the PC platform consist of 7 races on the most historic circuits on the calendar, alternating the McLaren MP4/4, the Renault R26 and the Brawn BGP 001!

Also, at the end of this championship, there will only be one week left for the launch of F1 2021!

Further information is found in our Discord server https://discord.gg/jpZwbCp

What are you waiting for? Join us and enjoy racing!

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