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Changed my user name - Old user name got back 3 days later without requesting it

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Hello all.

So basically I have this issue where on May 9th, I changed my name to alvaritoteam4 just so my friends could find me easily (cause I had a really weird name and no one could find me here through that name). So it's been two weeks or so, and I realized for some reason I still have my old name. The problem is, I never requested any more name changes after I did so. In fact, when I changed my name I went back to the change name page reviewing all the options of my account and it said I already used my name change and that I had to wait for another 90 days (which it still says). Can someone help or tell me what happened?

Thank you

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27 minutes ago, Timex22 said:

Same with me.
Unfortunately, I might have missed BETA 2021 as a result 😞


@Timex22, you haven't missed out on BETA because of this.

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Hello, they organized a new racing series for a reason: every year computer competitions attract more and more public, investments, views and popularity, and just among a young audience. More importantly, the costs in the cyberseries are much lower than in real-life racing.

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