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Qualifying Pace practice program bug, time better than pole, but estimated place showing 3rd

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Attached is a screenshot of my qualifying pace practice program results. Time of 1:30.813 was better than estimated pole of 1:30.934, but results showing my estimated qualifying position as 3rd.

I didn't receive any error codes, results are just different than expected.

I'm on PC (Steam).

Game version 1.18.

Game Mode is My Team, Season 2.

To make the problem happen I just ran a qualifying pace practice program. It's worth noting that my car is the best performance wise, but only marginally. I also got green on the practice program, purple likely would have shown correct results (though never saw what time would have been required for purple). My difficulty is set to 103.

Not sure what troubleshooting I could have do here.

I'm using a PS4 controller, though I can't see that causing issues.

If there is any other information I can provide please let me know. I have noticed that the qualifying pace program seems really hard for most GPs. Much harder than actual qualifying. I get the feeling there is something wrong in how the times are calculated.



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