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Grid, Fanatec csl elite (ps4) and club sport pedels

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So I bought a old computer with grid powersports and has the drag package on it too (why I bought it) I was told and read somewhere it supports Fanatec csl elite. (My Fanatec is for the PS4) it works great for any racing game BUT when I try to stage with It on Grid, it will not inch forward at all. I hit the gas fast or slowly and it raises the RPM’s to 2000 but the car will not move forward at all.  It seems like the parking brake is stuck on or something. Ive went into settings, mapped my wheel & pedals but can’t get the clutch to get recognized or my Thrustmaster TH8A shifter for some reason. Does anyone have a work around or am I doing something wrong when staging or mapping the ****? Thanks for reading,


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