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Wheel Rotation Issues XBOX One Thrustmaster TX (Firmware 57) F1 2020


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Hi all,

I use XBOX One and Thrustmaster TX on F1 2020

I set maximum rotation to 270 on both the wheel (via plugging the wheel into a PC and setting it via software and by using the mode button and dpad on the wheel base).

I also set maximum rotation to 270 in the force feedback menu of F1 2020.

Using Monaco as an example I can drive all the way to the famous hairpin and the wheel is indeed locked to 270 degrees rotation but as soon as I reach the hairpin the wheel allows 450 degrees rotation making the corner very difficult. Once I am past that corner the wheel is locked at 270 again until I reach the corner directly before entering the tunnel where it returns to 450 rotation. After this corner it then reverts back to 270. It seems to happen on slow tight corners on other tracks too which is where a lower wheel rotation value is most beneficial. It's really frustrating and makes the laps and techniques used to drive them very inconsistent and is ruining the game for me.

I've updated the wheel to the latest firmware (57) etc to no avail. I've searched the web over and over and can find no solution. Does anyone have any idea how this can be solved please?

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