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I have only played F1 2009 and 2011... So I have never experienced classic content so when I learned that the past 4 or 5 F1 gameshave had classic content, I was excited for F1 2021! This will be my first PC f1 game and I will probubly get it (or pre-order it) soon! What do you think will be included? Retro Tracks??? (I really hope so! ("Last seen in F1 2013 which I can't find anywhere 😞 ))

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The chances of old tracks are virtually zero I'm afraid. In recent games what we've been able to do is drive older cars on the tracks that are in the game for the then current F1 season.

If this element is particularly important to you I'd wait till after launch to see exactly what content there will be. I've not seen any pre-release info. relating to classic cars. 

Why were you looking for F1 2013?

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35 minutes ago, Exasperated said:

He's talking about classic cars and you're asking why he is looking for F1 2013 ?

EBay UK have 1 PC copy from DE for £32 and PS3 & 360 versions around £6

'Complete Edition' is the one you need if you are on PS3 or 360 second hand ,  on PC I do not know how all 4 tracks and all the cars are included.

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I have an Xbox 360 and in North America... there is virtually no evidence left that I can find that F1 2013 even existed. The copies that I have found were way too expensive. I am looking for F1 2013 because it is definitely the best F1 game for the Xbox 360.

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