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Daily stage - crash to desktop


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Started up today's daily stage, got as far as the loading screen and then the game crashed to desktop. Steam popped up with "completing installation 1%", then gave an error 41 message. I managed to restart the game straight after but annoyingly it won't now let me attempt the daily as it thinks I've completed it.

The text was also messed up both before and after the crash (see picture). I've had the game crash in the same way a couple of times before between stages, gives the completing installation/error 41 combo then lets me restart the game with no problems.

System Spec
Windows 10 64-bit, i5-2500, 8gb ram, HD 6870

Steps to reproduce
Today's daily stage (Escort, Greece)

Your recent history of races 
First stage attempted today

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
Greece daily

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
Trying to start the stage!

How long was your current session?
1 minute

Which graphics preset were you using?
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It crashed you because Codies simply forgot to set a time of day and/or weather forecast for the daily. It doesn't happen often; in fact I can only remember it happening once before. So anyone reading this, if there's no information under "Conditions" on this page - https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/events - do not enter the daily. I have informed them about it and I hope it can be sorted out and that the people that got the CTD will recieve another chance. I'm glad I checked beforehand.

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I get the same issue Christopher.  I was running this game about a month ago on the same pc and configurations.  I get an installation 1% message as well.   Steam installation gives me the same error 41 message and does not upgrade the installed product.   I think it is in the coding of the game and steam needs to fix this issue.
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