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[IDEA] Spectator mode for multiplayer rally

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Here's how the spectator mode would work:
 1. You would see an option in the server/lobby list (depending on how the multiplayer will be) to join the session as spectator
2. Before you enter the session, you would get a map of the stage where you can see every spectator area of the stage (where all the virtual spectators are)
3. You would be able to select one of those spectator areas which you think is a good place to watch
4. After loading is complete and you're positioned in the area you selected, you could move the camera with your mouse (free-look)
5. There would be a HUD which would show the starting order of the cars

 This would be a really exciting feature which nobody has done yet :) So it would be special and realistic because first time ever people would be able to watch rally virtually, but basically in same way as in real life. Also maybe there could be some voice chat implemented into game so you could speak with other spectators while watching rally :) I already posted this idea some time ago in one feedback Friday thread in case you're wondering you've seen this before ;)

Keep in mind that this will only work if:
1. We are getting PVP rally in future 
2. The PVP rally had staggered starts
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Evilsmurf said:
I like the idea, just not sure they have it in the resources to be implemented.
I have positioned the game Dirt: Rally as revolutionary in its own way. and I believe in the creativity and courage Codemasters. so I want the game to be filled with creative, beautiful, bold and new solutions like this for the entire series.
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