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RaceNet service not available


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I never had this problem. Today I was doing a rally, in a league, First stage and the game doesn't upload the time, second stage, when I finnish, it doesnt let me upload the time again and take me to game menu.. and since that I cant get in Leagues, always give me message that RaceNet service its not available, to try again later. But is only in me, because my friends can drive the rally league and I can't!

Already did a "verify integrity" on steam, reboot router, reboot pc.. and nothing happens! Always same error :(

I can drive all games from codemasters on RaceNet, F1's, Grid's... even Dirt 3! Only Dirt Rally is not working..

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I cannot access leagues since I am getting the message that RaceNet is not avaialble: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506771146. This happened after I could not post league event time to RaceNet since there was lost connection.

At the same time game logs to RaceNet on menu level, I can access, finish an upload daily, weekly and monthly times.

I tried reinstalling the game, removing Dirt directory from My Games but it did not work.

Please, help
I need to finish my leagues rallyies within 2 days. ;-)))
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I have the same problem: I suddenly can't do leagues anymore. Wednesday afternoon I finished one without problems. Wednesday evening I couldn't load leagues anymore. This STILL is the case for me now (friday afternoon).
Online events like daily weekly and such are no problem.

Edit: I just asked to the league owner of the latest league I drove in to set up a new event. He did so, and problem was solved. Asked the right league owner, because I'm in 3 more leagues.

For codies to have a look into: it was this league: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/26462/flag-to-flag

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