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Gripes R Us (Dirt Rally)


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O.K so first off i want to say from what i am seeing i really WANT to like this game but i feel there are flaws that need addressing, and no matter how much people want the realism aspect i am a firm believer that if the cars not doing what i am telling it to how am i supposed to drive it in a fashion that dictates i have control ?
What i mean by this is i am governed by a Thrustmaster TX - Race wheel essentially sequential shifting via paddle shifts or automatic, and since automatic is more irritating than anything else i can think of when playing a sim racing game of any kind (fact) you want full control of the vehicle that means gears throttle brake pressure (EG) when you step on the brakes and steering input.
So far i have NONE of the above (IE) steering feels like no matter what conditions i am faced with, i am on a Sheet Of Ice and or Aquaplaning thus control of the vehicle clearly is not in my possession. If i step on the breaks i instantly lock up there is no in between even with an old school vehicle, you would have to seriously step on the brakes to cause a lock not just tap them for a small decrease in speed (which is currently the case imo). And then finally my biggest gripe we have gear changes take for (EG) mini cooper i don't care if it has a manual 4 speed H box if i change gear with my paddle shift that car should respond when i tell it to, NOT when it thinks it should do you think that when the person is in the car if he knows it takes him 4 seconds to change gear slap the brake around a little he would leave it till it was way past to late ?
No he wouldn't he would do what he needed to make the vehicle get round at max speed, so when i slap that paddle shift up or down it should not be a clear 1-2 seconds before responding.

I should imagine that even with a clutch some of you are still getting that delay, you would HAVE to be as none of you can sit there and tell me that your NEVER quicker than the game is ?

In which case that is not realism it is a bug an issue that needs to be addressed, as with the old school vehicles you would be changing exactly the same when they use a standard clutch shifter.

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