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Eyfinity (?) FOV changed with v0.7 update


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The FOV in the most recent update was dramatically changed from the default in the prior versions of DR. The bonnets of most cars were almost completely out of frame (in bonnet cam view). I'm guessing this has to do with my Eyefinity setup since it often causes FOV issues, but I haven't tried single monitor to confirm. Overall this is not much of an issue since I could adjust the FOV slider in game to fix it, but I though it might be of interest to the devs. Maybe this is correct operations, but I personally like to see the bonnet of the car so it bothered me until i corrected it.

Bug Report Form


System Spec
(Provide as much info about your rig as possible)

custom desktop:
-i7 3770K
-16GB DDR3
-Radeon R9 270X 2GB w/latest 15.7.1 Catalyst driver
-40GB intel boot SSD, 1TB storage drive (where game data is located)
-3x Acer X223w monitors (1680*1050 each) in 3x1 eyefinity array. Bezel compensated to 5283*1050
-Xbox 360 Wireless controller w/Chinese knockoff wireless controller receiver 
-Windows 7 HP x64

Steps to reproduce
1. use older version of game w/default FOV
2. update to v0.7, observe default FOV (.1). Notice that hoods are almost not visible.

Your recent history of races 
(Mode, Vehicle, Track, Conditions)
-Monte Carlo (daily event for 8.25.15
-all others (Greece, England tested)

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
-8.25.15 daily event
-appears to occur on all others as well.

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
(How and where did it happen?)


How long was your current session?
(how long had you been playing for roughly?)

-as soon as the first race started

Which graphics preset were you using?
(you can view this in game from the main menu)

video mode:
-fullscreen: on
-multisampling: CMAA
-Aspect Ratio: Auto
-refresh rate: 60
-vsync: on
-gamma: .80

night lighting: med
shadows: med
advanced fog: off
particles: med
weather: high
crowd: med
cloth: low
ambient Occlusion: low
Advanced amb occ: off
mirrors: med
ground cover: high
vehicle details: ultra
track: ultra
trees: medium
objects: high
vehicle reflections: high
water: high
skidmarks: on
texture detail: high
shader detail: low
AF: ultra
smoke shadows: off
adv blend: off

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