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Rain Jackets in wet weather - F1 2021


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Hi everyone,

Like I am sure you guys have done, i’ve been busy watching some gameplay videos of the new F1 2021 game. One thing I’ve noticed is that in wet weather races, the crew on the grid pre-race all have short sleeve shirts on despite the rainfall. I know they have umbrellas up but there are still a lot of animated scenes where the crew or race sponsors/media are just walking around getting soaked in short sleeves!

I’m sure on a previous game (possibly F1 2019), the team personnel would wear rain coats. Is that a feature that can return as it looks a bit odd currently? It looks like some Ferrari team personnel have black jackets on so maybe this is being worked on already. Or can we see big gazebos up on the pit straight to keep the cars dry instead of just unbrellas? I know it is a tiny detail but the game looks so good already, that these little touches just add to the authenticity. 

I’ve added the Aston Martin crew below as an example. 


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