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[BUG REPORT] 2 bugs with the Lancia Stratos in-car view


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Specs : 
Asus Rampage 3 Formula
Intel Core i7 980x
12 GB of Ram G.Skill RipJaws
Asus AMD Radeon R9 280X

How to reproduce : 
Simply select the stratos and race it on any stage with in the in-car view

PLaytime or racing history does not affect the presence of the bug

Graphic Preset is in Ultra with 4X MSAA Antialisasing, 1980x1080

It seem that the lancia stratos got two immersion-breaking bugs for its in-car view : 

1st : even thought that speedometer got a kph scale, it act like it had a 0-250 MPH scale.....probably an animation setup problem

And 2nd : the driver-side mirror is not displaying correctly, it display like a camera was looking behind the car, while a mirror usually should reverse that (on that screen shot, even thought I have a wall on my right, on the side-mirror we get the impression that I have a snowbanks on my right)

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