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New 2021 HUD and a idea for Codemasters

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Well we all are watching a ton of gameplay on last 3 days, and some people liked the new HUD others hated.

Some weeks ago people are trying to ask Codemaster if they can add a Halo HUD like in real footage by FOM, and in the some way they did. 

There's a way that Code can provide a lean angle to the HUD? With that people can put the HUD on the Halo and give them more immersive.

@BarryBLIt's just an idea, but can help a lot of poeple.

Credits to Tiametmarduk for the picture. 


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They can code it to have a lean angle but the problem is that it will look a bit horrendous and might lead to redesign the HUD in order to look okay. Unless they somehow do perfect coding, which I doubt they can in this margin of time, they could fix this, but it would still look a bit bad thinking about it.

I don't think they will do this since they don't have much time for adding this feature as they are working with the planned ones, but maybe if they do a similar HUD for next year's game they might think of this. It could be a good idea, though.

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I wish you could customize the HUD (modern cars) with versions from the previous games. If the halo version you see isn't in real F1 isn't available it would give users something that they like instead of being stuck with just one. Then again people focus more towards racing on the game. So it's probably not really worth the time bothering 

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Im asking myself and trying to understand when a Halo Hud can provide an extra advantage for who wants to use it.

Using a TV-Cam it's an advantage, but having such a big thing on the halo obstructuring your view i dont think it's. 

But i agree, maybe they can work more on the dashboard of the wheel, it's look kinda simple. 

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Shark2Racing said:

The only good Hud should be in cockpit view ….. there you have all info on the wheel …….

No advantage to Mario Cart Racers - sorry …

What? Why?

What's wrong with T-Cam?


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