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[F1 2021][Request]Coop Mode : car performance modifiers between players? (deadweight?)

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let's say I play with some family of mine the brand new F1 2021 coop mode
a problem arises
he plays F1 2020 in casual
I play in normal with autogears, ABS, AI 70+
(I'm not boasting, there's way much better than me out there)

we could be rivals and if it's possible he could choose a better team and me a worse team
but if we'd like to play in coop same team, it probably wouldn't be very fun to him if I finish P2 and him P18 (for example)
EDIT: actually that would be fun for neither of us

Just my 2 cents.
Thanks for reading.

EDIT2: could be as simple as adding deadweight to a player (e.g. for example +100kg for this specific player with a slider where you can adjust the amounts)

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added some info
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48 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

I'd recommend letting the game release first and seeing what's actually in the mode before providing suggestions?

Just a thought :classic_laugh:

actually I think it's better that if they missed something like this, they can add it during active development rather than patch it out later on.
As a little developper myself, I find that if I get the plan laid out first, it's less time & code rather than making a first code attempt
and then someone say : hey let's add this feature and the code has to be refactored to adjust for it.

(not saying it would be the case.)

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  • Whismerhill changed the title to [F1 2021][Request]Coop Mode : car performance modifiers between players? (deadweight?)

I think the topic you created is quiet important. My friend and I are playing F1 since Years. We are quiet close in Qualifying but the most time he is some tenth behind me. We made the rule that I don't use max fuel in Qualifying anymore and in race I have to start with +6 laps. And I only use rich fuel mix in drs zones. It sounds complicated but it's not. Since that we are on the same level. In addition to that we both use break aids on high and drive on AI level 101. 

I am worried to, how we can manage to be on the same level in coop mode f1 2021, when there isn't a fuel mix management anymore. Does anybody know that CM brings out little functions to help the weaker driver without making them overpowered? For example: driving with traction control on and high is a big difference in pace and car control. So not an option for us. The same for braking aids. 

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