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#WishlistWednesday - PVP Special


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Hey all,

We hope you've had some time to play a little PVP by now and we're busy reading through your comments and posts as always. We've got a few things on the list we're already looking at implementing  (I won't post them as I don't want to steer the conversation too much) but thought we'd do a #WishlistWednesday Special for Online Features you'd like to see in case we've missed any and so we can work out which ones need to be at the top of the list.

The kind of things we'd like to hear about are what we call "features" - This is stuff like options and settings, game modes, changes to what is already in the game... that kind of stuff.

Don't worry about "content" (cars and tracks) for now - we'll cover those wishes off another time.

You've each got two wishes, post them up below and use them wisely ;)
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ok, first of all, I really enjoy the game!  I look forward to loads of tracks and gameplay!

First wish is push to talk. it can be annoying to hear a tele play in the background or to see that my mic is on all the time.
also pvp with friends. when we want, choose the car we like,.. just create a session to have some fun. and maybe also rally the same way.

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Push to talk and that set to off as default.  If people are that keen to speak, they'll fix their mics first!
That annoying fan spinning thing on the Subaru needs to go in hood cam.  Must be a graphics glitch as it was evident on the stream yesterday too
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1: Full tournament mode in PVP - 20+ participants, 1 practice, 4 heats, 2 semis, 1 final. 5 cars per heat, 6 in semis and final. Repair mode on, whats the point of driving stupid if it doesn't make your car worse.

2: Make the AI better, they drive very different from how a real driver would do. The hardest mode should be on the verge of impossible, otherwise you just go past them all the time when they drive 3 cars in a line with huge gaps in the corners :)

Otherwise an awesome game, as both a Rallycross and simulator fan i must say that i have enjoyed this game very much. Keep it up!

ps: any spelling mistakes are free of charge ds.
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1. Bring back the gravel sounds of the previous version... The Game has taken its first step back. The car feels disconnected without the gravel sounds, its very hard to judge the grip without them, Please PLEASE bring them back to what they were 48hrs ago

2. Mouse support for the Menus.
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-Mute all as an option
-Push to talk as default (make voice activation optional)
-Much more damage in PVP so you can't just ram opponents without risk
-Full events (group for seeding, then semifinals and finals)

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So here's my pvp wishlist
  • Push to talk or ability to turn voip off
  • Vote kick
  • Private / invite only / friends only lobbies
  • Full heats and finals.
  • Ability to save pvp replays and maybe see those replays in other players' perspective.
  • Penalties for rammers.
  • More tracks :)
  • I would also like the music from the official Fia rallycross broadcasts.
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my wishes:

* Private online session! in order to play against MY friends and not only randomly against other players
* Push to talk and set to off the as default all the mic of the other players

...and bring a real PvP in Rally. At the moment in the leagues we are missing, who win a stage (we only have cumulated times)
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  1. Mute own mic
  2. Mute others by default
  3. Much bigger PvP sessions (as many drivers as possible), so you can drive a proper event. Of course with carry-over damage from each heat
  4. Scoring being done by time on all drivers, if point 3 is being made
  5. Possible to make passworded sessions
  6. Possible to save and watch replays
  7. Possible to extract full event results from rallycross - very important if point 3 is being made
  8. Possible to extract full event results from leagues on RaceNet - that way it is possible to actually make a big rally championship the proper way, would be even better if point 6 becomes a reality as well.
  9. More RX tracks - I would love to be able to do a full, proper World Championship, it would also be awesome online, if 3,4,5,6 and 7 is a reality.

Basically I'm looking at this from a organization-view, what I would like in the game to make it possible to organize huge championships with proper coverage etc. At the moment it's great for a random pick-up race, but not for a serious championship.
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- cars are too fast on the gravel, the sweden bonus nearly not make loose time, when i watch the real video the cars are totally braked by the gravel
- some older cars would be cool, or some low category car, those one are really powerful to start with !! and I find the group A & B car more fun
- more tracks !!!
- pvp rally, ghost and not ghost mode
- allow some mode/options to play with more players (at least 8 would be cool, 12 an orgy, but why don't leave the choice to the host)

must be some hard choices about all this pvp rally or other request that doesn't fit with reality, i understand the fact to keep the game as a sim, but it doesn't too harsh to program from what i've been done and codemasters game have (sadly) never been really into mods ...

BTW the game is awesome, i really hope for more online content, it's really what made a game live longer ..
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mic has to be muted in game so can use in teamspeak. until this is sorted i cant see me spending much time in RX mp. to many mp gamers voice applications to speak to each other is as important as the game.

it has to work and as simple as possible.

also pls , pls , pls, bring mp to rally. rally is where the longevity is. RX is fun in mp but it wont last. Rally and mp could. pls make it happen.
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1. Default push to talk for those incapable of muting themselves. The ability to mute all, even when in a race and session.

2. Text chat window during downtime. Between races and while waiting for people to join. I dont like talking, but appreciate communicating with people... sometimes.
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Loving the multiplayer rallycross itself but the implementation is bit irritating to say the least.

My wishlist:
  • The final 6 car start of the championship, to battle it out for the victory
  • Dedicated servers for future league championships (some big organizers are looking at rallycross to do simracing championships)
  • Possibility to set lobby to private, friends only or public
  • Microphone setup settings in the audio menu, with push-to-talk ! Current open mic is simply horrible if you want to play with mates on mumble etc.
  • All vehicle categories for rallycross (real FIA RX doesnt just have the top level rallycross cars either)
  • Online multiplayer for rallies as an option, with staggered starts and selectable starting time interval.
I know you do not want to do pvp for rallies with staggered starts because you think it would be boring for the public to play. I find two things really wrong with this view, 1. it would be an option and doesnt take away from anybody who doesnt want to play like that. 2. It would really be very popular option for league races, championships etc. where you play with your mates. Have a chat option there, so you can discuss and laugh how badly your previous stage went while waiting for next one to begin. 

And finally I think the pvp is a serious flavour of rallying that is missing from the game right now. That waiting (during which you could laugh at your mistakes on the previous stage with friends) is part of rallying and more importantly seeing the previous car in the ditch on the roadside or limping to the end with a flat tire is big flavour of rally that is still missing in the game and how it sounds like is you can implement it, just dont want to because you deem it boring. I hope we the players can show that its truly something we want.

Edit: After writing this it came to my mind that a local party hotseat multiplayer would be good to have aswell, so you can set how many players are playing and each drive the stage and see who is fastest. Ofcourse you can just drive a stage, switch seat with friend and he restart and drive again but a proper gamemode for that sort of gameplay would be great.
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Hi my wish is only one and nothing to do with pvp update, pelase make an option for adjustable opponent drivers A.I. settings like difficulty level, for keyboard players is still impossible to win stages, thanks...any chance of implementing a way of changing opponent drivers names and nationalities in rally mode'?? two wishes lol, my opinion the game is going well but you guys need to stop minding about the simulation aspects and start with the realism details of rally for example different tire choice, diferent group cars competing in same rally with group times and overall times, editable team names and logos, thanks just a couple ideas that make a difference between a best rally game and the mediocre ones      
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1: Mute all drivers/non-friends Global option
2: Find friends/ join friends race
3: install harsh frontal damage/radiator burst & loss of power to discourage using other drivers as brakes (I was deliberately rear-ended going into a corner last night, I sustained a puncture & tyre loss & the attacker drove off Scott free to a points position).
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