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Is it too late to sign up for the F1 2021 beta?

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3 hours ago, ChargeAU said:

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if it is too late to sign up for the F1 2021 beta. If so, how long until I could sign up for the F1 2022 beta?


You are 1 month late with your F1 2021 Beta registration.
It is not known when the F1 2022 beta will be because it is not known when the game will come out

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1 hour ago, mahmutcan0163 said:

Just a note, Beta isnt like what you see on youtube.

Yeah -- as an example you will only have default team liveries (so no official F1 teams), you will have less features due to testing purposes and you CANNOT show gameplay footage to go public or show it to anyone. You also need to read the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) where, once you apply, you agree on everything such as rules, terms of service and etc and if anything is done wrong, your participation at the beta could end permanently.

But if you know this, then perfect. It is unclear when the F1 2022 beta applications would begin, not even the game's release, so I'm not sure. I would recommend you taking a look at the forums, as being active can give you more potential into your participation at the beta.

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2 minutes ago, S5NNA said:

Well you already lost that bet. "we are leaving the Codemasters Forums and joining EA Answers!" - BarryBL 

I literally just saw that thread and was coming here to admit as much, then saw your post :classic_smile:.

Here's a link for anyone else who may have missed it:


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In the EA profile there is a Playtesting application, codes cannot be awarded for forthcoming titles.

14 hours ago, Ultra3142 said:

I bet you a virtual beer that the beta will still be managed via this forum.

I'll take that bet, and raise you a virtual chaser that there is an open beta without application.

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When Does The F1 2021 Beta Registration Close? The official closing date for beta registration applications is the 10th May 2021 at 2pm BST. After this date, you will no longer be eligible to apply, so make sure you head over to Codemasters forums before then to register.






myindigocard app

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