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Hi everyone, 

Since a day when I try to enter into a track the game will infinitely load in the black screen saying please wait. This after I preorder f1 2021 (I'm on ps4). I also had similar issue causes by my external hdd wich sometimes unplug but thi happened way after the last time it happened so it's not caused by corrupted files I guess. Any advice? 

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It's my first time here so I don't know if Im doing thing correctly. 

I'm on ps4. 

Game infinitely load when entering in a track. 

In any game mode also multiplayer. 

To recreate it just enter in a track. 

I tried to reinstall the game and know I'm waiting for it to reinstall. 

The version is the last one since there are no update available. 

If you guys need other information just ask. 

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