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Why Codemasters couldn't apply a realistic penalty system....

I dont know other game studios will get a great one like Assetto Corsa Competizione..... Even modder on AC get great systems..... Why Codemasters not

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I actually agree that the corner cutting penalties are not the very best, but I don't think they are that bad. There are corners where you can get a warning/invalidation easily at where in real life you wouldn't, and also the opposite too, though.

This video is an example of this topic. In real life you can take a few corners wider, while in the game it is easier to invalidate. Sometimes it's kinda frustrating, I would admit.

Codemasters might look at this in the future, but in general, it is not a big problem.

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Just now, Exodium said:

Well in Quali yes but not in the Race. ACC has a great system which checks if u gain an advantage.... In the game it's just ridiculous 

About advantage I actually understand you. Sometimes you go off-track and rejoin losing about 0.4 yet still get a warning. However as I said, it's not a big deal to consider.

While yes, I did get annoyed at some point, it's also a bit like this in real life. You cut a corner, even losing more time than you would taking the corner properly, and you will get a warning. You are not wrong though.

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Nope, in real life they didnt get a warning for every corner on track... Maybe for 2 or 3 where it's to excessive (and an advantage) but not for the whole track

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I remember in the old 00's game, that you'd cut an inch out of a track and then your car would be slowed down for a period of time and you'd slowly get irritated as Trulli overtakes you again and you're stuck in his train for the next 20 laps.

A warning for going wide is a mercy in comparison to that. I get that sometimes it's annoying when you make a mistake, cut a corner and actually lose time before getting the warning but I wouldn't say it was one of the more broken aspects of the game.  In need of refinement, maybe... but not at the top table of improvements. 

I also remember in F1 2012, I could just bin off half a corner and cut it... and get nothing. So I think it's better than it was. 

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