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Black Edition on PC???


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Seeing as release is just around the corner is there any details as to why the PC Black Edition is Missing in Action?

I've checked with the online services and there's not a CD-Key for Black Edition to be found. No mention of it on Steam (the Primary PC Distribution system) and no mention of upgrade packs.

Loore could you shed some light on this, as despite my better judgement, I think Codies may have done the right thing with this game.
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AFAIK the Black Edition is the 'pre-order' edition on Steam.

So, even though it doesn't say it is, it is. It says so on GAS' steam page anyway:

"Pre-Purchase GRID Autosport
Prepurchase to receive a free copy of the Black Edition DLC and a free copy of DiRT Showdown
GRID 2 owners receive a 10% Pre-Purchase discount"
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Yup, @KazzyMac is right. The Steam version is the Black Edition,

Is worth mentioning that come release day the Black Edition will go, it's only available at this time to pre-orders only.

Green Man Gaming also have the Black Edition - http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/gb/en/pc/games/racing/grid-autosport/
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