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MyTeam fully upgraded situation

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Hey guys,

I am on season 6 in myTeam and the car is fully upgraded,this is where the fun ends....suddenly all my AI levels per track does not work anymore, I cannot race my closest rivals anymore,first I thought I am to weak,but no,when I do races in GP mode, with certain AI level I am there where I expected and used to. My teammate kills me with 1sec faster times in qualy easily,i barely make it to Q2,remember we won the constructors the season before,so it is not me 😅 further the car handling is so crazy sensitive,it is so much harder to drive a fully upgraded car compared to a "normal" Red Bull or RacingPoint. I really questioned my skills first,but "normal" GP mode showed me I don't have to question them 😅

Anyone experienced the same?

I think I call it a day with myTeam and do just some random GP's now until f1 2021 is released. 


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The problem with my team is you level up too quickly , even if you skip all the practice sessions you still get enough resource points to max out your car quite quickly , even with regulation changes, you still get enough points to cover the changes , it should be alot harder. looks as though that might have been addressed in 2021 as you can turn down the amount of resource points you get , so will probably make it better

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Yeah hopefully mate,it would be even better if bigger updates just can be done after a season. Otherwise lets say your car gets from worst under the top 4 in one season if you update properly. But the point here is,when the car is maxed out,suddenly all my AI levels does not work anymore as the AI has kind of mega boost 😅 and the car gets so hard to drive,much tougher than before. As I said perfect matchup with actual cars as I figured out perfectly for me,now no chance to reach Q3 anymore. F1 2021 less res.points will be activated for sure

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Yes it is a problem, which some players already noticed, that the AI, especially the teammate, gets faster with every update of the car. It seems that the development of the car even makes the driver faster, too. 

I already noticed that in Season 2 of My time mode, which made me quiet confused. In first season my driving skill on 101 matched perfectly to my car performance. I was fighting with the teams around me, made it sometimes in Q2, was rarely fighting for some points, when i had luck. In Season 2 after regulation change, I had the 4 best Car, so i thought to get into Q3 the most of the time. Because my first Teammate was too bad for points in Season 1, I bought Albon. Firstly because he is better then the F2-Drivers, secondly because he should not be overpowered.

But here it comes: The best i could do was do finish in Q2, sometimes a second behind my teammate. I was worser than my car perfomance, which confused me. In relation to the normal Mercedes Performance, my car in season 2 was better than Mercedes in Season 1, Race 1. That shows how fast the development in a season is. It is way too fast. You can bring updates already every race. Maybe not in the beginning, but when you bought some upgrades, you can.

Thats why i am very happy, that you can adjust the amount of ressource points you get in f1 2021, for you and for the AI. So you can slow down the devolpment, so every update you bring on the car makes more difference, because there a less in the whole season. It makes an update more special. Very good feature from Codemasters. I hope it is also adjustable in coop-season. Does anyone know sth. about that?

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