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12 Years of CM


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Now, I know the first game back was 2009, and the first real attempt for multiplatform was 2010 but that only helps the idea i'm promoting.

It'd be the 13th Edition of the F1 games since Codemasters took the reigns, so I had a lousy idea,

I think by the end of this year the charm of the funky Podium Pass offerings would have begun to wane a little bit. So for the 2022 edition, change the reward system!

There are twelve months in a year, as most people will be aware. And 12 years of Codemasters.

So each month is a chance to earn/pay for (to cut the grinding) a respective years, or years, worth of rewards.

So, hypothetical;

Game comes out in July. 

First podium pass is based on 2009 Season. By advancing through the levels, you could unlock playable Cars (such as the Brawn), helmets worn in that season like Button's unique one and Hamilton's yellow one. Usable driver facemodel of a driver (for example, you could make your guy look like Button)

At the end of the first month, that pass finished and the following month 2010 content is available. This year, you unlock cars such as 2010 Red Bull, helmets such as Button's British flag one and Senna's helmet. Facemodel of someone like Kovalainen and Turkey could be the track.

At the end of the second month, that finishes and the 2011 season becomes available and it looks like Pastor is back in business as his facemodel is ready to use!  Also can play as the Lotus Renault and the track from this year could be Nurburgring. 

All the way so at the last month, stuff from 2021 edition such as some of this years helmets, faces of drivers who leave at the end of the year, etc.


I know it's not going to happen as that's alot of things to include for such a little an area of output. The main benefit I had with this was that you don't need to 'create' anything as you make it look exactly as it did back then so, for example, you don't need to include track changes made since then.   I get that you can't just pick up one thing from that game and import it into another game and expect it to work seamlessly but there'd be a year to get it working. 

It'll just make unlocking things more interesting and makes playing through more of the year even more beneficial as if you wanted to unlock Vandoorne (for example), you'd have to play in the 8th month (February, I think) to get 2017 when he comes along.

The helmets would look more realistic if they're based on ones that drivers actually wear. Particularly if they came logoless for those that want MyTeam sponsors on them. 

The cars would only be certain ones. So there'd only be 10-15 'classic cars' and a wide spread of different teams.

The tracks could be really popular. Especially if you could put them into a career mode. Tracks like Malaysia, India, Hockenheim, etc.  

if the facepack idea isn't useful enough, then the option to have them as your teammate is another option. 


I am aware there are lots of potential pitfalls and flaws, but that's for minds brighter than mine to come up with workarounds for. Just an idea for something different that can only be done for one year because the maths works out. 

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