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Hey IW, here's how you can improve groundwar for your next game.


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This is being made because of Battlefield 2043, it looks pretty good. The only reason I got MW 2019 was because of GW, it felt finally like a decent battlefield with it's own spin and I haven't enjoyed battlefield since hardline or really enjoyed it since 3. However, you did absolutely nothing with GW except make it so the icons were different and you can't restock rockets from the ammo boxes. Here's some free tips to make it alot more enjoyable.

Squads - Let us change squads. I don't want to be stuck with 3 people with their thumbs up their arses camping on a building in the middles of butt **** nowhere creaming themselves because they just got a UAV for the first time in their life. I want a squad I can actually spawn on and will spawn on me while we take objectives. As it stands when I am stuck with a sniper squad, I leave because it's more hassle than it's worth. Let me change squads.

Maps - Outside of Quarry and District, they suck ****. Please, go and play Battlefield 3 and look how they did maps. We need multiple ways to attack an objective. Too many maps have massive open fields with no cover to push up to other objectives. Or a huge road. Also, power positions need more than 2 ways to get to them that aren't an instant kill ladder or a motorway you can see people moving across from a mile away *cough* top of port *cough* top of B on port *cough*. Spread objectives around, I don't know why you are so obsessed with one half of a map and leaving another half completely baron https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/

Equipment - None impairment tacticals should restock from ammo crates. Smokes, spotter grenades ect. (including under barrel ones) aswell as with scavenger. This would allow you to create your own concealment consistently rather than throwing 1 and waiting 5 minutes for your munitions box to restock. It would also make the UBGL useful and not annoying aswell as worth sacrificing a grip for. Lethals should restock from a second ammo box different to the one you used. For example, I grab ammo from A site, then if I run to B and grab ammo I get a grenade back. This allows you to restock them but you need to actually move to do it, preventing you from camping and spamming them into a site or choke.

Killstreaks - I actually like them. Make a mode with and without them for those who don't like them. Secondly, make them actually work. Airstrikes need to go back to the MW2 way of calling them in where you pick a direction using a map, the bino's are doodoo. Likewise, Harriers and such should be able to be called in anywhere on the map. Not limited to a radius around you. The AC-130 hovers too low allowing you to just target it while they cannot shoot back at you. Stuff like this.

Vehicles - They need to repair at objectives. When you can't repair them, it encourages you to sit on a mountain and camp with it because if you lose it, you are at a disadvantage (the team). It would also actually encourage you moving the APC and using it as a portable spawn beacon that is actually useful.

Spawns - They got worse since the BETA. You literally don't spawn anywhere near the objective you choose to spawn on in some maps. Quarry spawns you next to B and D when you choose to spawn on C. Why? C is in the middle of the map, I know it will be a risky spawn it's the middle of the ******* map. So let me ******* spawn on it, or in the area under it. Not spawn 200m away in the middle of a field where 3 tanks and 15 snipers are staring at me from the hill to spawn kill me anyway.

Radar - This ties into vehicles. Transport vehicles should not be showing on the minimap 24/7 when someone is in them. You can't shoot out of them, you're a sitting duck in them with 0 cover and you hear them across the map. The enemy don't need radar hack ontop of this to know exactly where you are at all times and when you jump off.

These changes alone would drastically improve the mode.

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Agree with the squamate to not camp because they have a be, and end up being dead without using it. haha On Spawns, I did have the same experiences respawning far away from the center and being killed by a sniper.

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