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     I've been switching back and forth between my Thrustmaster T-Hotas X, which has good self-centering but no good/comfortable braking control unless you like the brake and reverse setup to engage by pulling back on the stick, and my old Microsoft Precision 2, which has well placed buttons on it's base that can be used for the brake/reverse, is lightweight and smooth, but has NO centering as the Force Feedback is broken!

     I really didn't want to spend money on a new controller to be used specifically for driving until I was able to get a good wheel with hand-controls for the throttle and brake as I cannot use pedals.  But neither of my two controllers are providing me with exactly what I want and need!  Which amounts to this:  A heavy and abuseable stick with a short height profile so I can use it right on top my desk without having to hold my steering arm up higher than is nominal for handling and comfort, and that won't work loose or get the jigglies after a couple of weeks hard use.  It must be self-centering, preferably without Force Feedback but having a way to adjust it's tightness like with the Thrustmaster.  A hat switch, two buttons my thumb can access even with the stick pushed fully forward so I can easily hit ERS and my wing, and base buttons just left and slightly ahead of the stick that I can setup for the brake/reverse and 2 to 3 other commands.

     Honestly, the Thrustmaster with it's flight throttle section disconnected is perfect except for the fact I have no button available for the brake where I want it.  And of course, like the Precision 2, what buttons it has are digital, and I would much prefer analog braking!  And yes, I've also tried setting one of my keyboard keys up for braking, but even with the space bar setup for this use, I just cannot get both the keyboard and the Thrustmaster positioned together in such a way to make braking comfortable!

     So I'm open to any ideas or suggestions!  Thanx in advance!

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